This page provides an overview for the SMA API catalogue

Call to action: Adaption of API-Integration required - PlantIDs will change!

Sunny Portal system migration is coming…

Starting with systems in North and South America at the beginning of October ‘23!

  • must use the new plantIds for migrated systems

  • Plant/system-list is automatically filtered for migrated systems and contains the new plantIds from Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

  • API-response returns an HTTP code 308 without a response body

  • New plantId/deviceId in location header, including any query params.

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Sunny Portal Status Dashboard

Here you will find status information about the services and components that are part of the Sunny Portal platform

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Swagger documentation

To make your life easier to start developing against our APIs, we have implemented Swaggers as our API-endpoint and DataModel documentation tool. This allows you to explore and test the API right in your browser with our included test client.

SMA Monitoring API

  • Ensures the reliable operation of energy generation assets

  • Provides system core-, log/event- and granular measurement data of plants & connected devices from Sunny Portal and ennexOS Portal

Available in Production & Sandbox

SMA GridControl API

  • Enables high re-activity, adaptivity of SMA assets to fast changing market conditions and to avoid FeedIn penalties

  • Provides remote-steering of PV-generation assets and allows clients to change SMA system settings and operations modes via schedule commands

Available in Production & Sandbox

SMA GeoForecast API

  • Optimize trading margins or inform end-users using precise, constantly updated PV- generation forecasts

  • Provides reliable AI-powered, constantly calibrated PV-generation & weather forecasts based on geolocation and system data (OEM system-agnostic).

  • Basic and Pro-Edition available

Available in Production & Sandbox


  • Enhance your clients user experience by offering “live” UI-views of PV-generation & consumption data

  • Provides nearTime measurement data (EnergyBalance) for SMA WebConnect systems of plants from Sunny Portal and ennexOS Portal

  • Not allowed for constant monitoring

Available in Production & Sandbox

SMA SmartHome API

  • Empowers your users to control energy consumers in their households

  • Provides remote-steering of smart devices (e.g. PowerPlug connected, SEMP and EV-chargers) in SMA systems to set/change supported operational modes

Available in Production & Sandbox

SMA Spot

  • On request integration

  • Reduce your customer & asset acquisition cost

  • Provides an embedded, digital UX-solution for Energy Trading contracts to on-board SMA customers & systems in relevant context situations on SMA Sunny Design & further SMA touchpoints

Available in Production