SMA Developer Portal

Welcome to the SMA Developer Portal!

SMA Developer Portal is a one-stop shop that provides an opportunity for innovation using SMA APIs to deliver great services. SMA APIs deliver access for 3rd party developers to easily integrate with SMA Energy systems and connected devices.

Key benefits of our SMA RESTful Cloud-APIs

SMA Cloud-based solutions save you money & efforts

SMA APIs are Cloud-based providing reliable and secure access to system data from SMA backends. No additional local hardware is required, which involves extra investment cost & maintenance on local sites.

System data beyond Modbus® & SunSpec®

SMA customers use the SMA portals & apps to manage and organize their Energy systems. This portal data is not available from local interfaces and provides additional value to your API consumption.

Superior forecasts based on worldwide Energy-Systems

USP of our aggregated data service APIs is the superior quality of Energy forecasts compared to pure weather-based models. Our models are constantly calibrated and improved by real-data from over 500.000 Energy-systems.

Technical standards for convenient, simple integration

SMA provides REST APIs with common models for improved understanding and reduced integration efforts. Furthermore SMA offers state-of-the-art cyber security by relying on security standards of OAuth2.

This 'Get Started' page is created to provide you all the information you need to connect to SMA APIs. Discover how you can start consuming our APIs in a few steps.

SMA Developer Journey

1. Discover the functional scope of our SMA APIs
2. Get to know how to access our APIs here
3. Get in touch
4. Consume & test our APIs in our SMA sandbox environment