Call to action: Adaption of API-Integration required!

SMA Sunny Portal system migration continues We continue with systems in North and South America at the beginning of October 23

SMA continues to migrate PV systems from SMA SunnyPortal classic to Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS. The migration involves a small impact on our SMA APIs usage, which we would like to inform our API partners about here.

SMA WebConnect inverters will be migrated this year
SMA Webconnect inverters will be migrated this year. Other systems, e.g. Home Manager, Webbox/ Cluster Controller, Inverter Manager/Sunny Boy Control or older systems will follow later-on.

The migration will be carried out market by market, starting in mid/late April 23 in the Australia (AU/NZ) region. Other regions will follow in late summer, we will announce this again on and by e-mail. Our Sunny Portal team will alike inform related system owner by e-mail. The system migration runs in the background and usually only takes a few minutes.

Technical impact for 3rd Party applications/clients

Most of our API clients use the Monitoring API plants endpoint to list the plants they have access to.

  • Clients that use this list-call as a basis for data queries will probably have no need for adjustments at all:

    • Plant/system-list is automatically filtered for migrated systems and contain the new plantIds from Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

  • Clients that do not use this plant-list and manage the plantIds themselves internally must use the new plantIds for migrated systems:

    • Following the usual migration pattern, access to the plants that have already been migrated (with old plantId/deviceId) is treated with a permanent redirect (RFC 7538: The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Status Code 308 (Permanent Redirect) (

    • API-response returns an HTTP code 308 without a response body

    • New plantId/deviceId in location header, including any query params.

    • Calls are cached for 15 minutes, so that there can be a lack of clarity (system has migrated but no redirect yet) of a maximum of 15 minutes

Other implications and notices

  • An incomplete/incorrect response may be received for a few seconds during migration.

  • There is another special feature during the migration that affects all energy meters that were linked and configured with an inverter in the classic Sunny Portal. After the migration, they are created in ennexOS as independent devices with their own additional deviceId. This means that for the energy meter-specific calls in classic, there is now a new, non-"mapped" deviceId in ennexOS as a replacement and can/must be identified via the plant/devices endpoint.


  • With the migration of the system to Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, the following benefits become available:

    • Measurement data: 5-minute resolution (instead of 15 minutes at best),

    • Data processing takes place "on the fly" (instead of a delay of up to 2 hours)