Sandbox for SMA Monitoring-API

SMA Monitoring-API

In order to better anticipate the behavior of our SMA Monitoring-API, SMA provides you with a sandbox environment equipped with virtual plants generating dynamic and realistic mock data to test your client API-requests for all relevant functionalities of our SMA Monitoring-API.

User consents - Sandbox specific implementation

On production environment the user consent request processing will occur out-of-band from 3rd party perspective. On our Sandbox environment you may

  • please use the sandbox-specific paths described on our API Access Control page
  • use the provided test user email address as “loginHint” and use your test app or postman to simulate out-of-band user interactions by setting the authorization request status in the custom grant flow
  • login & authorise the access request using the provided test user credentials in the code grant flow

High-level request-sequence for customFlow on Sandbox

Please check the Postman collection below for a quick start.

Please make sure you are using Sandbox-URIs and not the endpoints for production environment in request-examples

  1. Retrieve your Client-Token as described in Step1 on API Access Control
  2. Initiate an user authorization as described in Step2 on API Access Control
  3. Simulate the user interaction /accept call as described later on this page
  4. Use the Client-Token on the Monitoring-API sandbox to retrieve sample data

Some explanations:
a. If you only execute Step1-request and use the Client-Token on the Monitoring-API before execution of Step2/3 (user-consent requests), the Monitoring-API response will be “empty” as no resource owner has allowed to provide data to your application.
b. Your application can re-request the user consent for a resource owner at any time. This will also be possible if there is an existing valid consents in place, e.g. in order to request access to an additional system which has been deployed after the initial consent has been given (equals: change of resource scope). Or if an initial request eMail has been lost and the resource owner asks for a new request eMail.

Request status updates for Off-Screen UC

Test user credentials for On-Screen UC

  • Username:
  • Password: MyPass123!

SMA provides you with a Postman collection (.json file) which you may import in your Postman application in order to quickly enable your test of the custom flow on our sandbox environment.

Once you imported the collection you will only need to enter the sandbox client credentials SMA provided to you in the Body of the “Token ClientCredential” and “Token Refresh”-requests.

SMA Sandbox virtual plants & devices overview

SMA Sandbox virtual plants & devices overview

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Postman Collection
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